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JASMINER X4 is ETH mining of high computing power

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JASMINER X4 is ETH mining of high computing power

November 30
21:09 2021

Faced with a dazzling array of mining machines, how to judge the overall performance? What are the special features of the concentrator? Is the high computing power miner necessarily good?

In theory, the faster the mining speed, the more likely it is to find a valid hash value. The higher the probability of “bursting blocks”, the more opportunities for miners to get high rewards. This has led many people to regard the level of computing power as the only criterion for choosing a mining machine.

As we all know, the computing power of a mining machine is determined by the performance of the chip. The iteration of the chip can greatly increase the computing power of the mining machine. But after all, chips are high-precision equipment, and upgrading is not so easy. If the chip manufacturing process has not been effectively improved, there are only two ways for the mining machine to increase the computing power: 1. Increase the computing power board. 2. Increase the number of chips on the computing power board.

A professional mining machine engineer pointed out that if a single machine has too many hashrates, the most direct impact is that the mining machine will be too large. Such a machine is more difficult to repair except that it is essentially the same as stacking multiple mining machines. The size of the mining machine should be controlled within a certain range to optimize the overall performance. Forcibly increasing the number of chips on the computing power board is even worse. When the mining machine is running, the chip will generate a high temperature. In order to dissipate heat in time, the chip is usually equipped with a heat sink. If there are too many chips on a single hashrate board, the temperature will be too high, which will directly cause irreversible damage to the mining machine.

Therefore, if the technological level of a certain mining machine is not significantly improved, even if the mining machine’s computing power increases by leaps and bounds, the performance of the mining machine will be greatly reduced.

In the past, there are only a handful of mining machine products on the market that can take into account both the technological level and the computing power level, but just this year, a mining machine product was unveiled, and it is the JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER. JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER adopts a technology level higher than the market standard, is equipped with 8 JASMINER X4 chips, and has a computing power of 520MH/s±10%. It can achieve the ultimate reduction in power consumption while ensuring the stability of the computing power. The power consumption is only 240W±10%, and the electricity bill accounts for only 3%. We calculate the electricity fee at 0.3 yuan, and JASMINER X4’s daily currency output is about 0.010666 ETH/day. Based on the current currency price of 26908.8 yuan, the daily income of the JASMINER X4 is 287.02 yuan. The daily electricity consumption of JASMINER X4 is about 5.76 kWh, and each kilowatt-hour of electricity is about 0.3 yuan. The electricity bill for a day is about 1.73 yuan. Therefore, the daily mining cost is about 1.73 yuan, and the daily mining net income is 285.29 yuan. The payback period is about 238.35 days (without considering price fluctuation factors). At the same time, it is suitable for diversified scenarios such as IDC computer rooms and homes, with silent fans, low power consumption, small size, 1U server form… The high cost performance makes it a dark horse in the mining machine market, leaving its opponents far behind.

Faced with the dazzling number of mining machines on the market, having high computing power is not necessarily the best. You have to consider the level of craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness. You might as well try the JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER. Now, JASMINER X4 is recruiting distributors from all over the world, providing one-stop services such as delivery, after-sales service, and technical support. JASMINER has reliable quality and is supported by several franchise policies. JASMINER looks forward to working with high-quality distributors around the world to build a long-term strategic partnership and make greater breakthroughs on the track of Ethereum mining together! If people are interested in resellers, please use the official website or email to contact.

Official website: www.jasminer.com

Email: [email protected]

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