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New Play-To-Earn Gaming Project DogeTheCop is Ready to Take by Storm with NFTs and Metaverse Gaming

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New Play-To-Earn Gaming Project DogeTheCop is Ready to Take by Storm with NFTs and Metaverse Gaming

December 28
16:50 2021

Calling out all the crypto believers, the time is just a blink away when DogeTheCop will finally start its pre-sale from 3rd January on Pinksale and 5th January on Pancake swap.  The World’s first meme token with NFT and metaverse gaming is all set to make its mark in the crypto world. Bet, you don’t want to miss it because this can be a promising crypto sale ever. 

About DogeTheCop

This is the first-ever blockchain game of its kind where you can choose the Cop you want and earn cryptocurrency by playing. It works much like Subway Surfers where you run, collect tokens, and get caught by the police, then you visit DogeTheCop to pay off your traffic ticket and release yourself from jail. You will also be able to make purchases within the game using your Doge tokens to buy a variety of things and gain extra powers to win!

Let’s not forget to mention that DogeTheCop will be a P2W game. The more you play and earn Dogecoin, the more you will be able to buy upgrades and customize your police car like a real doger. You can even upgrade your weapons and give your game a futuristic look!

Rewards and benefits

DogeTheCop will be an online multiplayer game in which the users will get to play a police officer chasing a thief. There’ll be various ways to pursue criminals and arrest them, giving the players many ways to handle situations. To earn rewards, ammunition, power, and more, they will need to purchase special NFTs with real money. The most fun factor about this game is that it’s going to be different from every other Battlefield game.

Deflationary token with periodic burning to stabilize the price 

When the platform is running and the users are actively using their tokens, DogeTheCop team will periodically burn a portion of tokens. The project team will take this portion from their operational revenues and then transfer it to an address where no one has access to it. All tokens will be sent to this address and burned. Burning tokens means that they are taken out of circulation permanently, thus increasing value for everyone holding tokens as well as helping to stabilize the token’s price.

In this way, DogeTheCop hopes to incentivize early adopters and supporters of our project. In addition, burning unsold tokens after a successful token sale will encourage participation even during low market activity or bear markets.

Ecosystem DogeTheCop Holds to Serve the Community


Deflationary DEX token that will have a burn mechanism to ensure there is always a limited supply. The burning mechanism will also ensure that the value of the DEX token will increase as the demand for DTC increases and supply is decreased.

The Ecosystem will be able to provide a gateway to other projects that want to use the power of Dogecoin’s network as an exchange for their project coins or tokens on a separate blockchain. 

NFT minting

For the first time in history, NFTs will be minted and held for public use. They are going to build an ecosystem where gamers can buy NFTs and get extra powers in games to win.

Metaverse game

Metaverse is the next generation of the virtual universe, which has been inspired by the Battlefield Hardline gaming concept. It enables gamers to choose the cop they want and hunt down bad Doges and transform their best performances. The upcoming ecosystem will provide a platform for game developers, content creators, users, investors, and enthusiasts to share, discover and experience the most advanced digital world. 

How to buy DogeTheCop

You can buy DogeTheCop via Pancake swap once the token is listed. If you would like to get in early, join the upcoming pre-sales. Further, the team has planned to expand their services to other platforms to exchanges like Coinsbit, CEX.IO, BitMart, and Binance in near future.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dogethecop
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Country: India
Website: https://dogethecop.com/

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