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Mavis was invited to the fashion Oscar exhibition of MetGala Metropolitan Museum of Art, becoming the only invited guest of Karl Lagerfeld brand in Taiwan

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Mavis was invited to the fashion Oscar exhibition of MetGala Metropolitan Museum of Art, becoming the only invited guest of Karl Lagerfeld brand in Taiwan

May 08
21:34 2023

Karl Lagerfeld introduced Mavis shoes with the same name for Mavis, and Mavis became the first e-commerce queen to cooperate in depth with Karl Lagerfeld & DKNY headquarters.

Mavis, the queen of e-commerce, reached another milestone. She was invited by Karl Lagerfeld, an international brand founded by Galeries Lafayette, and became the only designated guest in Taiwan to attend MetGala exhibition series in New York, which is known as the Oscar in fashion. Mavis attaches great importance to the invitation for the exhibition, and specially invites Yasuo Yoshikawa, a world-renowned makeup artist who has done makeup for Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi, Hilary and other superstars, to create makeup for her. Mavis attended the exhibition in a new classic Karl Lagerfeld black-and-white dress, with a bright personality.

Javan Bunch & Mavis

This year, the 2023 fashion Oscar MetGala was presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with the theme of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty. World-renowned superstars, designers, celebrities from all walks of life and international brands will participate in the grand event. Stars gathered on the red carpet of MetGala, including stars such as Rihanna, Jennie Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Billie Eilish, Yang Ziqiong, Song Hye Kyo, and BLACKPINK. Especially, after seeing the beloved Anne Hathaway appear as a muse dress, Mavis praised “it’s so beautiful!”

Mavis & Yasuo Yoshikawa

Mavis is honored to be the only guest invited by Karl Lagerfeld from Taiwan. In addition to attending the MetGala exhibition, her trip to New York was also invited to the brand’s headquarters, where Javan Bunch, president of Karl Lagerfeld & DKNY Group, personally greeted her and showed her the latest clothing and accessories that Karl Lagerfeld and DKNY had not yet exposed.

Mavis has a strong charm of e-commerce marketing. She once broke through an amazing performance of about $800,000 for the brand in three hours, setting a sales record for the brand. Mavis marketing enthusiasm makes the brand appreciate it very much. Javan, president of Karl Lagerfeld & DKNY Group, said to Mavis, “In his eyes, Mavis lives as wonderfully as Karl, trying to do what she likes with her life and moving towards Karl’s spirit! “, which makes Mavis feel greatly encouraged.

Javan, president of Karl Lagerfeld & DKNY Group, also specially shared the co-branded shoes for Mavis. Its design concept keeps Karl Lagerfeld’s style and has the characteristics of Mavis. It took 12 months from drawing, design, sampling and production to finally create a co-branded shoe belonging to Mavis. This co-branded shoe will be officially launched in the spring of 2023, becoming the first celebrity of Karl Lagerfeld’s co-branded goods in Taiwan, which is of great significance!

Karl Lagerfeld × Mavis co-branded shoes: https://reurl.cc/gZyYVX

Mavis is also the first celebrity in history to conduct a live online marketing project at Karl Lagerfeld & DKNY’s headquarters in New York. After this e-commerce project and the joint cooperation of shoes, Javan, the president of the group, began to extend other cooperation plans and will develop and design special bags named after Mavis, which made Mavis very excited! Mavis is also honored to cooperate with internationally renowned makeup artist Yasuo Yoshikawa for the first time. Yasuo Yoshikawa felt that Mavis was full of energy and enthusiasm, and he designed makeup for Mavis with the vitality of the beauty of midsummer. Yasuo Yoshikawa told Mavis that he has never been to Taiwan, and he may have the opportunity to take his make-up brand [UNMIX] to Taiwan to work with Mavis on an exciting project in the future.

Mavis has many plans this year, and her cooperation projects with international brands continue. The film performance she participated in last year will also be officially released this year, and new music works have been recorded. It is expected to be launched in the second half of this year, which is highly expected among the fans!

Photo courtesy of HaloMavis International Online

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