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DrunkDeer Launches Magnetic (Hall Effect) Switches Keyboard A75, Gaining Popularity Among Japanese Keyboard Enthusiasts

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DrunkDeer Launches Magnetic (Hall Effect) Switches Keyboard A75, Gaining Popularity Among Japanese Keyboard Enthusiasts

May 31
18:29 2023

On April 23, 2023, DrunkDeer launched their debut product, the A75 magnetic switches keyboard. This special magnetic switches keyboard has quickly gained popularity among Japanese keyboard enthusiasts on Twitter, showcasing its impressive features and captivating design.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZIVpOTAgyes

DrunkDeer A75 was inspired by the premium Hall Effect Key Switches of the 1980s, renowned for their luxury and quality, the A75 incorporates the same technology for a truly remarkable typing experience. Hall-effect switches are widely used in industries requiring high reliability, such as aerospace, military, and submarines, to precisely measure velocity, position, and proximity.

With an ultra-response speed 10 times faster than traditional keyboards, users can enjoy lightning-fast inputs, providing a distinct advantage in gaming. The keyboard’s actuation distance is adjustable, ranging from 0.4mm to 3.6mm, with seamless switching between nine levels in just one second, catering to various input scenarios.

One of the standout features of the A75 is the “DualActionKey”, allowing users to program two different actions to a single key, enabling powerful shortcuts for gaming and work. Additionally, the innovative “Never Miss” function ensures that users never miss a keystroke by allowing two different active points on a single key, guaranteeing precision and accuracy in every input.

Gaming Performance Using A75 DualActionKey Feature

Mastering the quick stop in FPS games is crucial for realigning the crosshair and securing a competitive edge. A magnetic switch keyboard enhances this maneuver with adjustable trigger sensitivity. In fast-paced games like CS: GO, , , instant reactions are highly valued. The emergency stop functionality becomes indispensable for swiftly readjusting the crosshair, particularly when weapons cannot be fired while in motion.  Two settings aid efficient emergency stops:

  • Assign high sensitivity to WASD/Arrow keys for quick stops.
  • Enable the DualActionKey feature, setting the W key to First Action and S key to Second Action sensitivity for precise stops.

These settings on the DrunkDeer A75 keyboard enable players to swiftly achieve the precise centering that experienced gamers have been practicing for. For an FPS gamer, investing in the DrunkDeer A75 keyboard can greatly assist in mastering the snap-stop technique and enhancing gaming performance.

The Never Miss Feature

Typical magnetic switch keyboards have a sequential process for key-value input, involving hall-effect sensors, MCU calculations, and confirmation. This process takes around 1-3ms. However, DrunkDeer’s keyboard achieves this in just 0.1-0.3ms  by using a self-invented hall-effect chip and a specially designed Integrated circuit. Each key on the keyboard has a unique electronic component that measures the magnetic flux independently. DrunkDeer’s keyboard instantly sends key values to the MCU and then to the PC.

The A75 keyboard is known for its speed and its ‘NEVER MISS’ function. It enables swift and precise triggering, a crucial aspect for gamers.Traditional keyboards require the finger to reach the reset point before triggering the key again, which can lead to failures in tense gaming situations. However, the A75’s ‘NEVER MISS’ feature has two trigger points within the 4.0mm key path, ensuring consecutive and accurate key inputs. This eliminates the possibility of missed triggers and offers impeccable  control.

The DrunkDeer A75 is compatible with both MacOS and Windows operating systems and comes complete with a USB Type-C cable and a CtoA adapter, ensuring effortless connectivity to PCs and laptops. Furthermore, they also come with DrunkDeer Antler software, empowering users to customize their keyboard according to their preferences

Despite its advanced features, the DrunkDeer A75 is priced affordably, shattering the notion that innovation comes at a premium. DrunkDeer’s five-year journey in research and development has led to the creation of the A75’s unique design. By utilizing Integrated Circuit (IC) technology instead of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), the internal circuit structure of the A75 is simplified, resulting in an elegant and streamlined product. Moreover, the chips used in the A75 have been exclusively designed by DrunkDeer’s in-house team to ensure heightened sensitivity and precision with each keypress.

“We are immensely proud of the innovation and affordability we have brought to the keyboard market,” stated the CEO of DrunkDeer. “Our goal is to provide keyboard enthusiasts with exceptional products without the need for excessive spending. The A75 embodies our commitment to delivering superior quality and performance at an affordable price. We hope all keyboard enthusiasts experience the remarkable gaming and typing experience offered by the DrunkDeer A75.”

About DrunkDeer

DrunkDeer is a Hong Kong-based computer peripherals company founded in 2018. The brand is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering superior-quality products to keyboard enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information about the DrunkDeer A75 and other DrunkDeer products, please visit www.drunkdeer.com.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrunkDeerKeeb

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