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Hollyland’s VenusLiv: The Ultimate Camera for Live Streaming

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Hollyland’s VenusLiv: The Ultimate Camera for Live Streaming

August 05
01:40 2023
Hollyland’s First Camera: Perfect Focus, No Overheating, and Ease of Use

Shenzhen, China – August 4, 2023 – Hollyland has entered the livestream camera niche market with VenusLiv, a brand new solution that is designed specifically for live shopping, online courses, and podcasting, and other small indoor live streaming activities. VenusLiv combines convenience, quality, and innovation to create the ultimate live streaming experience without the hassle of complex equipment and operation.

Use of live streaming has been increasing rapidly worldwide, for small and medium-sized teams and individuals, but building a professional live-streaming setup is costly and time-consuming. Professional DSLR cameras are complex to operate and install for users with no basic knowledge of photography, it’s difficult to debug image quality issues, and smartphones cannot meet the demand for image quality and extensibility. Hollyland developed VenusLiv to resolve this contradiction.

RTMP and UVC Provide Ease of Use and Convenience

VenusLiv supports Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), a key capability for live broadcasting, which allows users to stream on numerous platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram*, Twitter, and more. RTMP is a communication technology that is ideal for live video streaming over the internet, as it delivers low-latency and high-quality video and audio.

The built-in USB video class (UVC) capability means there is no need for a capture card. Users can simply connect VenusLiv to their computer via USB 3.0 and start streaming directly.

Robust Stability During Long-Term Streaming

Unlike other video cameras or smartphones, VenusLiv can be used for a long time without overheating, thanks to its advanced aerospace-grade heat dissipation system. This ensures seamless, uninterrupted live streaming with no risk of performance issues, like shutdown, stuttering and malfunctions, or damage to the camera or battery. VenusLiv also supports DC and NP-F battery dual charging options, allowing for uninterrupted 24/7 live streaming.

Automatic, High-Speed Focus and Advanced Color Tuning

The hybrid autofocus capability of VenusLiv uses phase and contrast technology to quickly focus on foreground objects, ensuring images always stay sharp and clear. The powerful, easy-to-use HollyOS system, plus effortless focus adjustments and frame monitoring always capture exactly the shot users want.

VenusLiv has a unique color-tuning feature that allows users to adjust the appearance of the actor or character without changing the color of other items. For example, this can beautify the person while preserving the true appearance of a product.

A Breakthrough in Live Streaming Technology

VenusLiv is a breakthrough that reflects the craftsmanship and innovation of Hollyland’s R&D team. VenusLiv specializes in the enthusiast group of indoor live shopping streamers, and at their core, Hollyland found a niche that didn’t have a good enough product, so they customized VenusLiv specifically for that niche.

Hollyland is already well known for wireless products including wireless transmissions, wireless intercoms, and wireless microphones. VenusLiv is an important step that helps Hollyland expand its video shooting ecosystem. Live streaming is not only a core focus of Hollyland’s current product service, but also an important area for the company’s future solution plans. Hollyland’s philosophy is: light and simple, so users have a simpler way to do more professional work.

Hollyland is meeting the demand for live streaming capabilities, and working on building a live streaming base in multiple countries in the Asia Pacific region to promote industry exchanges and create exemplary pilot projects.

To enjoy a better live streaming experience, use VenusLiv with Hollyland Lark C1, a highly praised wireless microphone system. It is a favorable bundle, providing a lightweight and convenient live audio and video overall solution.

Pricing and Availability

VenusLiv: $999

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CC1YR9SP

Learn more from Hollyland’s official website: https://www.hollyland.com/product/venusliv

*When live streaming on Instagram and Twitch, third-party software is required to get a stream URL and key.


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