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Creator-Friendly NFT Marketplace o-mee Launches on GemPad

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Creator-Friendly NFT Marketplace o-mee Launches on GemPad

August 15
12:24 2023

GemPad, a multichain DeFi (Decentralised Finance) platform, has announced an exclusive launch of its latest incubation project, a leading social subscription and NFT Marketplace, O-mee.

The NFT industry became very popular in 2020, generating billions of dollars in sales for artists and creators. Despite the 2022 crypto winter, NFTs still generated nearly $24.7 billion in sales. The continued growth of the NFT sector has helped creators incorporate digital art, making it a lucrative venture for artists and collectors alike.

Today, NFTs have made it possible for just about anyone to own or collect a work of art. This is expected to have a positive outlook regarding the adoption and growth of the art NFT space, where leading digital artists already make millions from selling art NFTs.  Nevertheless, the world of Web3 is still hard to access for the vast majority of creators. A mysterious place of wallets, cryptocurrencies, and marketplaces, that is still quite overwhelming and fragmented. Many creators struggle to create meaningful value on centralised platforms and at the same time are put off by the NFT space. 

The sceptical culture of NFTs seen as ‘just a JPEG’ still isolates a pool of creatives from Web3 possibilities. Artists are often trapped into sharing work for likes and shares or dealing with complicated artwork-selling platforms that take visitors away. O-mee was set up to solve this problem, to offer a space that allows artists to build communities and sell their work from one space. It is designed to bridge the gap between the older legacy internet services like Twitter and Instagram and the newer advanced frameworks made possible by blockchain technology. 

The company aims to revolutionise the creator economy  by providing a marketplace that drives sociability and creativity for artists, designers, influencers and content producers who can upload, create, share and sell their artwork all in one place. O-mee is building a place that empowers artists and creatives, giving them the tools they need to gain social and financial value from their work. This is not another utility or tokenomics experiment, this is a new way of approaching the market.

“We build and sustain value from creativity itself. We want to reinvent the creative economy.” states Jared Walker, Chief Executive of o-mee.

GemPad’s expertise and global reach will support o-mee in their Web3 Strategy, granting o-mee access to GemPad’s vibrant and engaged community. With the help of GemPad, o-mee will be releasing its o-mee subscription feature, leveraging on its own $OME token, exclusively available for private sale within the o-mee community. This partnership creates a synergy between decentralised finance and the digital creator economy, empowering  art royalties and empowering art creators to monetize their work while retaining creative control.

Since its inception in 2021, the o-mee digital marketplace has seen a community of over 27,000 artists, creators, collectors, galleries, collections, and projects. O-mee is rapidly expanding its services worldwide to create more opportunities within the global art industry. Providing creators with the chance to make an income from what they do best, o-mee has built a wide, growing network of artists and creators that are committed to them, as well as big partnerships with  galleries and institutions, which includes partnerships with Fort Gallery, ArtScience Museum Singapore, MFA Gallery Rome, NFT Museum SC, W1 Curates London, and more. 

Alongside the o-mee platform, the team is busy planning their upcoming launch exhibition set to take place in the metaverse this September. During this event, they will be showcasing the artistic creations of 100 talented artists and allocate a total of $100,000 worth of $OME tokens to their community as an incentive for art purchases.

To further empower their community and move closer into the Web3 space, o-mee enables artists to sell their creations directly to buyers, who, in turn, can track their acquired artworks’ ownership using the blockchain. This guarantees a tamper-proof record of the artwork’s provenance and ownership history. The $OME utility token will provide access to exclusive content and exceptional features. 

“It’s time to reinvent! We want to give creators their independence and equity back. We want them to experiment, compose, innovate and create meaningful value from their work and challenge what art can be. We are here to support the artists and artists’ practices. We have partnered with GemPad because we believe that their expertise in the Web3 space will launch us into the new space, all while ensuring that our creators and collectors receive all of the benefits that this new collaboration has to offer. We couldn’t be happier to have them as our partner, as our shared values of bringing a more transparent and more democratised system to the art industry can only result in reaching new heights,” said Jared Walker, Chief Executive of o-mee.

CEO of GemPad commented, “As a new era approaches for the digital creators industry, we are excited to take part in entrenching o-mee’s role in it. We admire the industry and see its potential for disruption through rewarded income streams and allowing creators with control over their own creation. Our goal is to maximise earnings for our art lovers in the community and to provide them with a safe and efficient platform.”

NFTs will continue to play a crucial role in monetisation strategies and provide new opportunities for creators to connect with their audiences. By democratising rewarded income accessibility into the digital creator economy, o-mee’s platform addresses these challenges by empowering artists, restoring user control over algorithms, and enabling them to facilitate the growth of social and cultural community value by lowering fees and ensuring creators are fairly rewarded. 

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