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The upcoming DEFI public chain KAD research report will lead a new era of decentralized finance

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The upcoming DEFI public chain KAD research report will lead a new era of decentralized finance

August 17
02:04 2023

As an important infrastructure in the blockchain industry, the public chain is not only the basis for the development and prosperity of many ecologies, but also a traffic portal that cannot be ignored in the current Web3 era. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, to Polkadot, Cosmos, Dfinity, and the current hot Layer 2…the competition in the field of public chains and their scalability has never stopped. The logic behind the competition is that with the rapid development of the blockchain industry and the encryption market, higher requirements are placed on the efficiency, cost, cross-chain security, and ease of operation of public chains. So, in the next ten years, what kind of public chains are needed in the blockchain ecosystem to meet market demand?

Out of the shell: Kad’s initial vision and development

In 2019, at a small computer science seminar in Silicon Valley, computer scientist Andrew ThompsonKad proposed the combination of Kademlia network architecture and Defi. Create a fair, open and transparent financial ecosystem. This ecology must not only include all traditional financial functions, such as trading, investment, etc., but also integrate the latest technological elements, such as blockchain, smart contracts, etc., to meet the increasingly complex financial needs of today’s world. This idea hit it off with the Wall Street financial giant “Goldman Sachs” and the innovative research institution “Kad Protocol Lab”, so they jointly founded KAD Chain to implement this innovative concept and move from theory to practice.

KAD Protocol Lab

KAD originated from Kademlia. The Kademlia protocol (hereinafter referred to as Kad) is the KAD protocol laboratory jointly established by PetarP. Maymounkov and David Mazieres of New York University in the United States and Ripple Labs.

KAD protocol laboratory is a new network topology technology based on the concept of peer to peer lending in Kademlia, commonly known as DHT (distributed hash table), combined with the basic currency protocol of the Ripple network and the Byzantine algorithm (BFT), It has established the leading advantage of the KAD protocol laboratory and built a safe and efficient technical bottom layer of the KAD Chain platform.

DHT was launched on February 27, 2004. DHT is the core idea of the blockchain, and it is an important technical and theoretical support for the birth of the BTC network in 2008. Peer-to-peer is the operation goal of the BTC network layer. In the BTC white paper, it has done a lot of work on its role and solving the reality of centralized finance. Report.

KAD Protocol Lab relies on a group of dedicated technical and technological forces, with geek spiritual beliefs, to provide Kad Sea wallet platform users with safe, efficient and trustworthy on-chain transaction services escort!

Kad Sea wallet platform

Kad Sea is a liquidity aggregator that provides Web2.0 to Web3.0, supports cross-chain, wallet finance, asset management, and one-stop solution to digital transaction needs. In addition to satisfying people’s wallet storage, security, cross-chain, DEX and other functions, it can also interact seamlessly with SocialFi and NFT more conveniently and quickly.

The platform uses Kad Sea Wallet as the entrance, combines the Byzantine computing power mining mechanism, and links the global digital community to jointly build the fan ecology of the platform. Users can expand various Web3 application scenarios: multi-chain + cross-chain DAPP/Metaverse Kad Sea Kad Wallet, Kad Pay, NFT, Kad DEX SocialFi…

KAD SEA Vision: “Continue decentralized financial innovation and empower the process of new technology revolution!”

KAD Chain spent 4 years building an all-round product matrix that connects public chains, DEX, DeFi, NFT, and P2P Marketplace, and bridges most of the underlying public chains through Multichain Bridge, Icecreamswap Bridge, Polynetwork Bridge, etc., improving the blockchain world. interaction efficiency. In addition, KAD’s auditing solution is fully capable of ensuring the security of smart contracts, providing a safe and reliable environment for transactions.

The innovation of KAD Chain demonstrates how a public chain can provide users with more services and opportunities by utilizing the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, and inject new vitality into the global financial ecosystem. The successful operation of KAD Chain will become a model for the blockchain industry, providing a feasible model and providing inspiration and inspiration for future public chain projects.

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