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OsteoStrong Continues North America Expansion into Mexico

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OsteoStrong Continues North America Expansion into Mexico

August 17
03:22 2023
Rapidly expanding franchise focused on skeletal health is generating significant global influence.

Nashville, TN, USA – August 16, 2023 – OsteoStrong, the unrivaled biohacking solution that promotes a stronger skeletal system, proudly announces the opening of its first center in Mexico. This strategic move signifies a commitment to global expansion and underscores dedication to fostering skeletal strength and holistic wellness worldwide. The grand opening event brought together development teams and prospective partners, generating substantial momentum that will carry through the upcoming year. OsteoStrong already has a strong presence of over 150 centers in the United States and is rapidly expanding into Canada with ambitious plans for further growth in North America.

“As we proudly introduce OsteoStrong to the vibrant landscape of Mexico, we embark on a journey to elevate skeletal health to new heights. This expansion is a testament to our dedication to empowering individuals across borders with the transformative benefits of OsteoStrong’s innovative approach,” affirmed Kyle Zagrodzky, CEO and Founder of OsteoStrong. “By bringing our franchise to Mexico, we are not only fostering stronger bones but also cultivating a stronger community, united by the shared goal of embracing a life of wellness and vitality. Together, we build a foundation that resonates with the spirit of Mexico’s rich heritage and paves the way for a future where skeletal health knows no bounds.”

OsteoStrong’s global expansion comes at an opportune time, as a 2020 meta-analysis(1) and various other published studies have highlighted the significant costs and financial burdens associated with osteoporosis and bone health issues on a global scale. According to the NIH-published 2020 meta-analysis, the United States, Canada, and Europe collectively spend between 5 to 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars annually to address the costs of osteoporotic fractures. Investing in bone health technologies, such as OsteoStrong, presents a compelling advantage for countries grappling with these challenges.

Beyond the expansion of franchise locations, the OsteoStrong team is actively innovating in sales, marketing, and customer service. This innovation includes the development of new tools for franchisees, the implementation of an advanced CRM process, and the introduction of a comprehensive training system for employees. These internal advancements mirror the exciting product innovations taking place at OsteoStrong centers, including the launch of an interactive kiosk product and an innovative red light therapy system.

“OsteoStrong’s impressive surge in growth and innovation serves as a testament to the robustness of our brand and the unwavering commitment of our stakeholders,” remarked Jimmy Youngblood, President of OsteoStrong. “Our internal advancements reflect our commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence and enhancing every facet of the OsteoStrong experience.”

To learn more about investing opportunities in OsteoStrong, visit https://osteostrongfranchising.com/investors.

(1)Economic burden of osteoporosis in the world, Asma Rashki Kemmak, 2020.

About OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong leverages clinically researched osteogenic stimulation methodology to help people of all ages and fitness levels enhance bone health, balance, overall strength, and posture. Sessions also alleviate back and joint pain in most cases. Created based on research in cellular biology, anti-aging, longevity, and bone mass production, the OsteoStrong system triggers the growth of new bone and muscle density with 10-minute sessions just once per week. OsteoStrong’s proprietary system engages bone and muscle development and delivers many benefits beyond what is often thought only possible with strenuous exercise. OsteoStrong is extremely effective, easy to do, and doesn’t leave people feeling fatigued or sore the next day. It’s based on the cutting-edge science of high-impact emulation without the risk generally associated with high-impact activities.

More than tens of thousands of people have seen amazing results since the brand launched in 2012. Many who attend sessions just once per week are reversing osteoporosis, improving balance, eliminating chronic joint and back pain, reversing fibromyalgia, and gaining incredible physical strength.

For more information, visit http://www.osteostrong.me or www.facebook.com/osteostrong.


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