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Future Now Revolutionizes Dubai’s Real Estate with Blockchain-Based Tokenization Platform

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Future Now Revolutionizes Dubai’s Real Estate with Blockchain-Based Tokenization Platform

August 19
02:50 2023
Future Now is developing a tokenization Platform for real estate investments in Dubai to overcome challenges in property investment.

Future Now is on the brink of reshaping Dubai’s real estate landscape with its innovative blockchain-based tokenization platform. Recognizing the immense potential of Dubai’s real estate market, Future Now aims to overcome challenges such as limited accessibility, regulatory complexities, high capital requirements, and illiquidity by introducing a revolutionary approach to property investment.

As a key player in the real estate sector, Dubai presents vast opportunities alongside substantial hurdles. The Future Now platform tackles these challenges head-on by enabling fractional ownership and tokenization of properties on the blockchain. Leveraging deep industry experience and strategic alliances with prominent property developers in Dubai, Future Now ensures a robust portfolio of prime properties.

The Future Now platform offers an all-encompassing solution, boasting exceptional value propositions, essential features, and insights into the native utility token, $HCI.

Empowering Access with Blockchain-Powered Crowdfunding

Future Now’s mission is to democratize access to Dubai’s real estate market through blockchain and crowdfunding. International investors can participate in Dubai’s flourishing real estate scene through the platform’s collaboration with established estate agents, guaranteeing exclusive access to an array of attractive off-plan properties.

Advantages of Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Crowdfunding:

  • Security and Transparency: Blockchain guarantees secure and transparent transactions, reducing fraud risks and providing investors with accurate project information.

  • Immutability: Data stored on the blockchain remains unchangeable, protecting investor interests and preventing manipulation.

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Streamlined crowdfunding processes lead to efficiency gains and cost savings.

  • Global Reach: Blockchain’s global nature enables participation from anywhere in the world.

  • Enhanced Liquidity: Blockchain improves liquidity for real estate crowdfunding investments, simplifying share sales.

  • Reduced Transaction Costs: Eliminating intermediaries reduces transaction costs.

  • Transparency: Public ledger records ensure transparency and easy investment tracking.

  • Improved Security: Blockchain’s tamper-proof technology enhances project security.

Unlocking Potential: Flipping Off-Plan Properties

Future Now focuses on off-plan properties, offering buyers a unique opportunity to invest before completion. These properties provide a lower entry point and potential for capital appreciation, driven by Dubai’s strategic location and thriving business environment.

Advantages of Off-Plan Properties:

  • Cost-Effective Entry: Lower prices compared to completed properties.

  • Prime Selection: Choose from prime units with attractive features.

  • Flexible Payment Plans: Spread payments over the construction phase.

  • Secured Payments: Escrow ensures funds are released upon completion milestones.

Flipping Off-Plan Properties:

  • Optimized Returns: Capitalize on rapid returns within 6 to 24 months.

  • Fractional Investment: Substantial returns with a fraction of the purchase price.

  • Flexible Payments: Extended payment plans with a final payment upon full development.

Strategic Collaboration with Digishares

Future Now joins forces with Digishares, a leading real estate tokenization company with a global reach and over 250 satisfied customers.

Future Now’s blockchain-based tokenization platform is poised to redefine Dubai’s real estate investment landscape, ensuring accessibility, transparency, and substantial returns for investors worldwide.

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