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SolarEast Unveils Game-Changing All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater

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SolarEast Unveils Game-Changing All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater

August 22
21:25 2023
SolarEast’s revolutionary All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater redefines home heating with eco-conscious innovation and exceptional efficiency.

SolarEast, a pioneering force in sustainable energy solutions, has launched its cutting-edge All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater, revolutionizing the home heating landscape with an innovative, compact, and environmentally conscious design.

Breaking away from traditional water heaters, the air energy heat pump all-in-one water heater seamlessly merges the heat pump and hot water storage unit into a single, space-saving powerhouse. This revolutionary concept harnesses an impressive 75% of its energy from the air, expertly transferring the remaining energy through an ingenious refrigerant-driven process. It’s the perfect blend of innovation and efficiency, putting control in the hands of homeowners while delivering unmatched comfort.

  • Utilizing environmentally friendly R290 / R134a refrigerant, this All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater showcases SolarEast’s commitment to eco-conscious technology.

  • The inclusion of WIFI-enabled smart control adds an unparalleled level of convenience and control to the home heating experience.

  • The microchannel heat exchanger is a game-changer in efficiency, ensuring every ounce of energy is maximized.

  • Achieving impressive water temperature outputs up to 75ºC, this remarkable unit ensures warmth during even the coldest seasons.

SolarEast’s dedication to excellence shines through in every step of production. The Enamel Inner Tank is carefully integrated into the shell, with precision foam insulation applied for optimal performance. An intricate process ensures a flawless finish by meticulously removing excess foam. Components are seamlessly assembled and thoroughly checked, eliminating air and moisture. The refrigerant is precisely filled, and the electrical control system is seamlessly integrated. Rigorous halogen gas leak detection is carried out, followed by comprehensive checks to ensure the highest quality standards.


At the core of this innovation lies the Enamel Water tank, a technological marvel meticulously designed for unmatched heat transfer efficiency and durability. The automatic gluing machine ensures uniform application, guaranteeing consistent quality. The microchannel design, coupled with a spring mechanism, delivers stability and minimizes the risk of detachment. With a winding film that prevents oxidation, the Enamel Water tank’s lifespan is extended, optimizing heating performance for various applications.

The SolarEast Heat Pump Water Heater is more than a product; it’s a commitment to creating a healthier planet for future generations. With over a decade of experience in air source heat pump technology, SolarEast Heat Pump Ltd. has become a pioneer in sustainable thermal energy solutions. Their extensive global reach, touching millions of households and engineering customers across 100 countries, underscores their expertise and dedication.

The SolarEast All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater isn’t just a product; it’s a stepping stone towards a more sustainable, efficient, and comfortable future. It is the time to experience the future of eco-conscious home heating with the SolarEast Heat Pump Water Heater – leading the way with unparalleled energy efficiency and low-temperature performance for a greener, more comfortable tomorrow. Customers can visit the official website of SolarEast to buy Heat Pump Water Heater and experience the perfect blend of comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. 

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About Company:

With a sprawling factory spanning over 100,000 square meters, SolarEast Heat Pump Ltd. leads the industry with a production capacity of 50,000 annual heat pump units, supported by advanced testing labs ensuring top-tier quality. As pioneers with over a decade’s experience in air source heat pump technology, they’ve impacted 25 million households and 20,000 engineering clients in 100 countries, driven by a global vision of sustainability and customer-centric excellence. Their commitment to quality adheres to ISO standards, and our products boast certifications including KEYMARK, CE, CB, and more.

 In particular, All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater is standardMark and WaterMark certified.


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