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Sky Eye Clinic Marks Its 16th Anniversary with Advanced 4th Generation ‘Smart-LASIK’ Surgery

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Sky Eye Clinic Marks Its 16th Anniversary with Advanced 4th Generation ‘Smart-LASIK’ Surgery

August 24
02:29 2023

Located in Gangnam, South Korea, Sky Eye Clinic is a renowned institution specializing in vision correction surgery. Spanning from the third basement floor up to the 10th above-ground level, the clinic offers a broad range of services, from basic vision tests to general outpatient care. For over 16 years, the clinic has been recognized for its expertise in procedures like presbyopia and cataract surgeries, as well as leading LASIK and LASEK treatments. 

South Korea’s stature as a medical heavyweight is well-known globally. With a solid healthcare insurance system and strict regulatory standards, the nation consistently delivers top-notch healthcare. Even more compelling, many procedures not covered by insurance are considerably more affordable than those in Western countries, such as the U.S. and Europe.

Sky Eye Clinic embodies this excellence. Their acquisition of the sophisticated Schwind Atos laser equipment showcases a commitment to leading-edge technology. This advanced device facilitates surgeries with a mere 2mm incision, a vast improvement over the traditional 20mm in conventional LASIK. Patients benefit from minimal wounds, decreased post-operative discomfort, and rapid recoveries, primarily due to the equipment’s optimal low thermal energy levels between 75~135nJ.

Thanks to such innovative technology, coupled with the clinic’s skilled team, LASIK and LASEK surgeries have become both efficient and highly effective. It’s now common for patients in Korea to undergo these treatments and resume their daily routines within a day. This seamless blend of top-tier technology and efficient procedures has garnered international attention, drawing global visitors to the clinic.

In celebration of its 16th year in 2023, Sky Eye Clinic has rolled out a remarkable promotional campaign for international online bookings. 

The offer includes a comprehensive eye examination—covering over 30 tests worth $74—at no cost. In addition, those contemplating surgery post-evaluation can enjoy a substantial discount and receive a complimentary PRP autologous serum eye treatment, worth $148, to ensure a faster visual recovery.

However, it’s essential to note that LASIK may not be the right fit for everyone. Only after a detailed consultation can the suitability of the procedure be determined. For those interested in the promotion, the LASIK surgery at Sky Eye Clinic comes at an affordable price of 990,000 KRW or approximately $754. 

Sky Eye Clinic’s reputation extends beyond national borders. It’s been featured on global platforms, including ‘koreabyme,’ highlighting its status as a top-tier LASIK center. For those considering LASIK surgery during this promotional period, you can schedule a consultation via the provided link. And for non-Korean speakers, rest assured—the clinic offers consultation services via Whatsapp for seamless communication.

Book your consultation here at https://medical-cip.com/smart_global

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