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The Events & Exhibitions Market is Experiencing an Upward Trajectory, Enhance your Business Strategy with Our Invaluable and insightful Focus Reports – Arizton

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The Events & Exhibitions Market is Experiencing an Upward Trajectory, Enhance your Business Strategy with Our Invaluable and insightful Focus Reports – Arizton

September 19
10:46 2023
The Events & Exhibitions Market is Experiencing an Upward Trajectory, Enhance your Business Strategy with Our Invaluable and insightful Focus Reports - Arizton
Events & Exhibitions Market Focus Report by Arizton
Download free market research reports by Focus Reports covering, industry overview, market size, market share.

Arizton provides in-depth market insight reports on the US events & exhibitions market and Europe events & exhibitions market.  

Arizton provides information on the industry’s key issues, existing market landscape, regulatory concerns, risks & opportunities, technology evolution, and future commercial potential.     

Technological Advancements and Economic Growth Reshaping the US Events & Exhibitions Market 

The US events and exhibitions market to reach $8.52 billion by 2028. The US events and exhibitions industry is experiencing significant growth, driven by the widespread adoption of digital technology and big data analytics. This technological advancement has opened new possibilities, while also leading to an increased focus on insurance and security measures. Companies are allocating more of their budgets to create brand experiences at events and exhibitions, fueled by the rising popularity of such gatherings across all sectors. Additionally, the robust US economy and higher disposable income levels are contributing to this growth. Within the US events and exhibitions market, there is a rising demand for sensing technology products designed for animals. This trend is propelled by a growing awareness of the importance of maintaining the health of animals. While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many events and exhibitions, the continuous growth of the tourism sector has led to a steady increase in visitor numbers for such events. The possibility of future cancellations or postponements remains a concern. In the US automotive industry, there is a growing demand for electric vehicles, energy-efficient equipment, and heavy machinery.  

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As a result, automotive companies are actively participating in exhibitions to seek collaborations and partnerships, further boosting the demand for exhibitions in the US. Leading players in this market include Informa, RELX, Emerald, Cvent, MCH Group, and GL events, all of whom have established a strong market presence. Other notable vendors such as MKG Events, Messe Frankfurt, Genesis Exhibits, RGI Events, TOP BRAND, NürnbergMesse, Messe München, Beijing Eagle International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Tarsus Group, Comexposium, Event Solutions, Target Motivation, ARHT, and others also hold significant positions in the industry. The US events and exhibitions market is witnessing a rising demand for various services, such as selfie stands and lighting walls, as exhibitors seek to engage with their target audiences and expand their consumer base. Moreover, within the US events and exhibitions market, there is an increasing demand for conferences and congresses, driven by the growing consumer goods and retail sectors. This demand is expected to continue during the forecast period.  

Key Questions Answered in the Report: 

  • How big is the US events & exhibitions market? 
  • How big is the US events & exhibitions market? 
  • What industries are driving the demand for B2B exhibitions? 
  • Which cities in the US are the most popular for trade shows? 

Europe Events & Exhibitions Industry Surges to New Heights, the Market is Set to Reach $15.67 Billion by 2028 

The Europe events & exhibitions market grew rapidly post the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a powerful platform for marketing channels where exhibitors and visitors meet face-to-face to grow their business. The main objective of the exhibition is to negotiate trade and exchange information/knowledge. The events market has grown due to various events post the pandemic, such as music concerts, sports events, and festivals. 

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The European exhibition industry is the global leader in terms of exhibition turnover, quality, and capacity of venues. The popularity of exhibitions and events is high in Europe, as it helps to gain customers and increase the sales of exhibitors. Companies continuously participate in trade fairs, exhibitions, and events due to the growth of the tourism sector and the post-pandemic business expansion. The demand for large space stalls is on the rise from exhibitors to gain more attention from visitors and more businesses. Companies collaborate due to increased competition and the availability of digital technologies in the market. 

Key Development 

The European events and exhibitions market is currently witnessing several emerging trends that are proving to be attractive to both exhibitors and visitors. One prominent trend is the increasing popularity of suspended and elevated structures, as well as intersecting angles and shapes in event setups. These innovative designs add a dynamic and visually engaging element to exhibitions. 

Another noteworthy trend is the growing demand for personalized designs that incorporate advanced technologies. Event organizers are increasingly incorporating technological features to enhance the visitor experience, making events more interactive and immersive. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on providing modern and comfortable accommodation options for professional events. Attendees are seeking venues that offer not only top-notch event spaces but also convenient lodging options. 

In terms of branding and sponsorship, wall lighting solutions combined with designated selfie stands are in high demand at exhibitions. These features not only provide visibility for sponsors but also encourage attendee engagement and social media sharing. 

Lastly, the choice of event location is increasingly influenced by the popularity of a city and its ability to attract foreign visitors. Event planning companies are prioritizing locations that can draw a substantial international audience, as this can lead to greater customer engagement and participation. 

Key Questions Answered in the Report 

  • How big is Europe events & exhibitions market? 
  • Who are the key players in the Europe events & exhibitions market? 
  • Which segment in the Europe events & exhibitions market is witnessing significant growth? 
  • What are the current trends in the Europe events & exhibitions market? 

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