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Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

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Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

October 19
01:10 2014

Domestic Violence can happen anywhere
Domestic Violence or Spousal Abuse can happen any where and in across any race or group of people. Most People tolerate the same silently hoping that it would go in time. However if not checked in time it can have disastrous consequences besides having impact of children psychology. Getting over or out of a violent relationship has not only helped the suffering spouse but also the kids who undergo a lot of trauma due to domestic violence. Help can be around the corner.

Patricia was petrified when she saw her best friend Helen at her birthday party. Instead of a smile, Helen’s face was covered with tears. A homemaker and a mother of two kids, Helen, narrated her domestic violence issues to her best friend Patricia who at once notified the authorities.

The statistics for domestic violence are alarming.

  • One in three men is subject to domestic violence
  • Two out of every three women face violence at home.
  • “90 percent of the domestic violence acts go unreported.”
  • A women is killed by her intimate partner every six days – Stats Canada
  • 3,300+ women (along with their 3,000 children) on daily basis are compelled to take shelter in an emergency shelter in order to get away acts of domestic violence.

Get help to fight domestic violence

Domestic violence is a deep-rooted problem. However, most of the victims continue to remain silent and suffer physically, religiously, financially, emotionally or mentally. People tend to overlook, excuse and even deny the problem outright. They are under the illusion that their spouse would realize their mistake and things would be normal again.

However, being afraid of the person with whom you live is not the solution. Getting over or out of a violent relationship has not only helped the suffering spouse but also the kids who undergo a lot of trauma due to domestic violence acts.

Hoping that situation will improve by its own is superficial. Often there is a fear of the partners’ reactions if they became aware that one is seeking help or trying to leave. The situation itself is traumatic and such individuals find themselves trapped in hopelessness.

The help is around:

  • Dial 9-1-1 to receive immediate help if you are a victim of physical or mental abuse from your spouse.
  • If 9-1-1 service is not available, you can call the emergency phone number of the local police.
  • You can also make a call at The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women, a nonprofit organization that was set up to provide support services to victims of domestic violence.
  • You can make a call at 1-866-863-0511 any time of the day, 7 days a week. You can expect immediate help from this Assaulted Women’s Helpline if you are experiencing violence or abuse at the hands of your spouse.

In addition to police and other helpline numbers, many victim services and community organizations provide legal and social help to the victims of domestic violence.

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