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Podcast Part 1 of The Trilogy: Digital Transformation – ‘Leadership with Dr. Paul J. Bailo’ Released

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Podcast Part 1 of The Trilogy: Digital Transformation – ‘Leadership with Dr. Paul J. Bailo’ Released

June 26
14:56 2020
Part 1 of the podcast of the trilogy – ‘Digital Transformation – Leadership with Dr. Paul J. Bailo’ has just been released.

The first part of the trilogy – ‘Digital Transformation – Leadership with Dr. Paul J. Bailo’ has just been released. In this new podcast, Dr. Paul J. Bailo shares his views about the importance of leadership in digital transformation and why it has become imperative for organizations to focus on creating a digital model when the world is battling the health crisis and forced to operate within restricted space.

“I don’t see how any organization in this current world could survive without a true digital leadership model,” says Dr.  Paul J. Bailo, Executive, Digital Strategy, Data & Innovation. “The leadership model of the physical world is in the past. The forefront and cornerstone of every business must be digital from here on if they want to survive and become successful.”

Paul’s amazing achievements include several core competencies such as driving multinational business expansion, coordinating strategic planning, handling full P&L/budget accountability, mentoring top performers, and building significant market partnerships. 

The reputed digital thought leader opines that with the coronavirus forcing nearly everyone to work from home, there is a pressing need to follow a true digital leadership model. Businesses have no other option than to develop their digital talent in work relationships.  

Paul says that the critical needs of being a real digital leader is to have a vision. They must also develop the know-how to combine, tech, people, and processes and use them even when physical interaction is completely restrained during Covid-19 times.  

The virus has made many companies wake up to the reality that their digital model is not up to date and hence their digital leadership framework is as good as non-existent. Most digital leaders know how to take the digital model ahead but have a problem with the execution part.

Paul says that the organization leadership must have the enthusiasm to put the various components of the digital framework together to move ahead. It is not possible for many leaders to achieve this without collaboration.

Also, it does not help a digital leader to network within their comfort zone. They must break out of their shells, and network and build relationships, outside their domain to make the brain work differently and find the ideal business management solutions.

Companies going digital need new talent, new models, and new leadership skills. These are not easy to find. Even the implementation of digital processes requires a different mindset which can be extremely difficult for most people. 

Paul says that organizations facing such situations need a leader who can lead from the front and has the vision, experience, knowledge, and the ability to assess risks quickly. These are all attributes that are not easy to find in the current scenario.

Organizations must look for a good digital leader with the following attributes:

  • They must be humane and speak the truth, 
  • Have a vision that people can understand and connect with
  • Be curious about tech, developments in other fields and other things in general

A good digital leader is one who fine-tunes their skill, has the mindset for learning, questioning and thinking about what’s true and not true, is passionate about tech, and most importantly, loves people. 

About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Paul Bailo is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Business Operations. His background in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing product innovation is unparalleled. His blue-chip background includes major corporate entities such as Google, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, MasterCard, American Express, GE, Citibank, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NYC Transit Authority, and US Department of Transportation.

Paul teaches at Columbia University and the Adjunct Executive Graduate Professor in Applied Analytics and Digital Marketing, Innovation, and Data Analytics at New York University. He served as an Executive Advisor to the Governments of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi, as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria and Drexel University. 

Paul is currently doing his Ph.D. in International Leadership & Innovation through the International School of Management. He holds eight US patents and has earned his Six Sigma Black Belt through GE. 

You can hear the podcast on the link below – 


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