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The Global Economy is Teetering, but Viewrave is helping companies fight back.

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The Global Economy is Teetering, but Viewrave is helping companies fight back.

January 20
20:10 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced all businesses to rethink their marketing strategy. In particular, companies needed to focus on advertising online.

Creative video marketing experts Viewrave are helping companies in the United States and abroad thrive during the pandemic.

With more companies on the internet than ever, companies need to do everything they can to stand. Out when there is so much video content online?

Businesses Need To Do More To Succeed Online

Seemingly every business is now online.

On top of that, these businesses are, in fact, making videos.

Videos are set to overtake the written word as the primary form of communication this year. Everyone is video marketing in today’s world with social media. To stand out in the sea of noise, your video marketing needs to be great to survive, period.

Viewrave, a San Diego based video marketing firm, has created a unique method they call the “Viewrave effect,” which has helped their clients excel during the eCommerce boom of the last year. Companies looking to flourish in this economy are utilizing firms like Viewrave to develop increasingly effective marketing campaigns. Viewrave’s successful video marketing approach has clients worldwide lined up to utilize their expertise and product quality.

Who is Viewrave?

Viewrave is a San Diego based company offering elite digital video marketing for businesses worldwide.

The company was founded by brothers William and David Khaziri, who have been making films for over 20 years. The brothers won the prestigious IFS Short Film Award in 2017 for their film Locked in Stone, which has been enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

The brothers David, who graduated with a degree in literature from Harvard University, and William, a Babson College MBA, complement one another creatively and professionally.

“In other words, we finish each other’s sentences professionally,” laughs William.

Viewrave’s team of over 32 employees is busy and working overtime to service their existing clientele, and the company looks to double its roster by the end of this year.

“We feel a lot of businesses can benefit from our unique approach.”

How is Viewrave so effective?

Viewrave is unique because it relies on creative problem solving through design thinking and a data science approach to pinpoint opportunities marketed to with video.

“We invest in a data analytics department, which most video marketing agencies don’t do or even think of. We find opportunities and insights that our client is missing out on and create from there, making the campaign much more effective. It really brings the best of both worlds, and that is what drives us. We know this approach brings our clients the best value possible.”

Where Viewrave shines most, however, is with their team of incredibly talented film production professionals. With their state-of-the-art equipment, they can produce elite Hollywood production quality videos that get their clients’ attention. The Viewrave effect results in produces video that connects targeted consumers at deep emotional levels, which wouldn’t be possible in any other medium.

On top of everything else, Viewrave deeply cares about their clients.

“Because of our international clients, my sleep schedule is non-existent,” say’s David while laughing to himself. “Clients are our priority before anything and anyone else. That is the Viewrave way.”

How to know if Viewrave is right for your business?

Viewrave is all about giving value to any business that reaches out. They are driven to help businesses succeed. In fact, reaching out to Viewrave is as easy as emailing their team at [email protected] “We like to think we are helping the world be a better place by doing our part in helping businesses thrive.”

What’s Next for the Team at Viewrave

“We’re working closely with dozens of companies in Asia, mainly South Korea and Japan, to help market their products in the United States. It’s fun because, through the process, you’re made more aware of what makes American audiences so unique when creating content from the perspective of these foreign companies,” William explains.

On top of helping deliver on clients’ needs here in the United States, Viewrave is also in talks with the Dubai Expo 2020 to help with their sophisticated video needs.

“It would be an incredible experience to help them out. But overall, the past year has been such an interesting time with the pandemic. We feel that the demand for solid video marketing worldwide has skyrocketed, and Viewrave has been so busy meeting that demand.”

What’s the verdict? Viewrave is bringing immense value to companies worldwide. Despite the pandemic, trust Viewrave to help your company overcome it’s marketing and sales challenges.

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Company Name: Viewrave
Contact Person: William Khaziri, MBA
Email: Send Email
Phone: (408) 410-7768
Country: United States
Website: www.viewrave.com

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